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Commerce City Garage Door Repair

Commerce City Colorado is almost smack dab in the center of the United States. Being at the heart of the greatest country in the world is an honor in and of itself. With over 45,000 happy, peppy people living in Commerce City at the present time, we’re talking over 15,000 vehicles and about 7,600 garages to house those vehicles.

Low prices on Garage Door RepairsAllow us to introduce ourselves: we are Commerce City Garage Door Repair, and we’ve worked on most of those 7,600 garage doors in town. As the premiere garage door repair service in Adams County, we’ve installed and repaired more garage doors, more openers, more cables, and more springs, pulleys and hinges than anyone else in the business. In fact, when Commerce City Garage Door Repairs first opened it’s doors in 1992, there were no other full service garage door companies in the area – and we’re still the only game in town for fast repairs at reasonable prices.

With "Commerce" in our name, you know we mean business.

Residents can bask in the picturesque scenery of our town, while being a hop, skip and jump from the metropolis of Denver. Most citizens of Colorado have some sort of outdoorsy activity to satisfy their need for adventure in the perfect climate, and the best place to keep all those sporting goods is in the garage. Commerce City Garage Door Repair is in business to provide the best service in all of Colorado.

Garage doors can last for over 25 years if they are maintained as they should be, and they should only need a minimal amount of garage door repairs. Garage door maintenance is actually extremely minimal because it consists only of observing the garage door, noting any inconsistencies in performance, and taking action when something is malfunctioning. To give your garage door a thorough visual assessment, start by pressing the button to open the door. Any delay in the door’s response could indicate a problem with the opener. Proceed to watch the door on its journey up, and note any jerky, uneven movement. This could indicate that the door is off-balance, or the track needs to be greased.

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We can repair any garage doorFinally, ensure that the door can go back down without a hitch. When you send the door back down, the final test is putting a small object—perhaps, a roll of paper towels—in the way of the door. If the door doesn’t stop before making contact with the item, and doesn’t retract, you have a definite problem with your sensors. Top off the inspection with a quick look over the springs and cables to make sure that they are rid of heavy debris, residue, and rust. Completing this inspection once a month will help you predict problems with your garage before they occur unexpectedly, at the worst time. Commerce City Garage Door Repair wants all of our patrons to be aware of the ways that they can keep they garages running perfectly, but when a problem occurs, let us be the first ones you call.

Open 24 hours a day for your safety and convenience

If you remember that Commerce City Garage Door Repair is open 365 days a year, and 24 hours a day (and that we never charge extra for after hours service), you’ll know to call us first. When you really need a change in your life that is both impactful and affordable, consider getting a new garage door. Garage doors are the basis of the overall look of your house, and choosing the right one is imperative to maintaining the desired look and feel of your property. There are many garage door colors and styles, and choosing one can actually be really fun. Let the pros at Commerce City Garage Door Repair help you decide.

Commerce City Garage Door Repair

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There are many garage door repair companies out there, but very few go so far out of their way to make sure you are fully satisfied. Commerce City Garage Door Repair is one of the few-- The proud-- The great garage door company.

Commerce City Garage Door Repair

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